Welcome to the beginning of something fun + fresh!

You’re following our adventures from the very beginning, the conception of our brand. Ground zero of turning a lifelong interest in the magical world of flowers and plants into a (hopefully) lifelong career!

How did we get here?! Lifelong local community involvement and a love of working with others. Creativity, and an eye for the natural world. Lifelong knowledge, experience and a passion for working with flowers and plants. A thirst for education. A misstep in the wrong career but a chance encounter with the right one where I saw the behind-the-scenes experiences of running a business. A huge leap of faith. And most importantly, a very supportive husband and family. We’ll get more into those details later…

Follow along as we learn the in’s and out’s of small business development and management; share our weekly shop adventures and new product; and welcome you along to events and other behind-the-scenes fun!

When is our grand opening?! We do not obtain our shop until March and will be taking time to fully renovate the inside and outside of the storefront to best suit our and your needs. We are currently in the midst of setting up our administrative accounts, website, online store, social media accounts, vendors, and ordering inventory for our store. Currently, we do not believe we will be open for Easter, but shortly after. Keep posted for updates on our progress, we can’t wait to welcome you all into our shop!

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